Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meet Otis Frampton of Oddly Normal!

Monday, October 6th 

Noon till 2pm in Grand Rapids
6pm till 8pm in Ann Arbor

The brand new, and awesome, release of Oddly Normal from Image Comics! This is an all ages comic about a ten year old half-witch trying to figure out the foibles of life and the mysterious disappearance of her parents. This dynamo of a man is signing at BOTH Vaults in ONE day! Can you believe it?! So, be sure to come by and meet the creator of the series, Otis Frampton.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Warren Commission with Dan Mishkin and Jerzy Drozd!

7pm on Wednesday September 17, 2014

Within days of the murder of President John F Kennedy, Lyndon B Johnson appointed a seven-member commission to investigate the assassination. In it's report, the Warren Commission determined that there was "no credible evidence" conflicting with it's conclusion of a lone gunman. 

Writer Dan Mishkin and artist Jerzy Drozd will discuss the making of their new comic book documentary that investigates the Warren Commission report, followed by Q&A and book signing.

Join us, won't you?