Friday, May 11, 2012

Nate Higley Comic and Poster Art Show! 5/11/12

Come to the Vault Ultralounge and see and purchase original comic book and poster art by Nate Higley!
Limited edition comic and poster will be available for purchase.

Stay and listen to the LIVE music of VERSIFICATORS (one night only), BEDROXX, A-BOMB and DICK JONES.

Complimentary refreshments.
$3 / 18+ only (sorry kids!)

Nate is the artist/creator, contributor, and co-creator of Cheap Laffs, WAR: The Human Cost (Paper Tiger Comix), I Saw You (Three River Press/Random House), Tales of Colt 45 (VICE Magazine), That Posion Bunnie (celebrating 13 years!), and many others.

Nate has also created album covers and gig posters for Bedroxx, Scared to Death, Wolfie Complex, Monsters or Mayhem, FAS, Versificators, North, State, Epoxies, Seven Chakraz, Daniel Johnston, RunnAmucks, Hard Lessons, Tickled Fancy Burlesque Co., Lord Centipede, The Spits, Meat Puppets, Spit for Athena, Dante, Andalusians, and many more.

Visit NATEHIGLEY.COM (currently being redesigned, new art going up weekly)