Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mitch O'Connell Signing & Party!

Mitch O'Connell Signing and Party

Saturday, May 18th from 6-10pm

Vault of Midnight is proud to host the interminably talented Mitch O'Connell for a release party/signing/burlesque-show this Saturday! We'll be hosting:
  • Burlesque performers Dolly Dagger and Gala Delish!
  • Gallery Show of Mitch O'Connell masterpieces!
  • Adult Beverages will be provided!
  • Free gifts!
  • Streamers!
  • Multiple Balloons!
  • And, best of all, Mitch O'Connell- IN PERSON!
Retro-a-go-go will also be there, providing their signature style merchandise throughout the evening!

Yeah, it's gonna be a daba-do time. I'm not saying you'd be a total idiot to miss it, but I'm certainly thinking that.

See you there!