Thursday, November 17, 2011

ARBCO Presents! 12/23/11


Alleyway entry!


Scared To Death
Scissor Now!
Baron Knoxburry
Lord Centipede

UM Flint and Mott Community College Class Presentations! 12/16/11

We’re edging ever closer to the end of the academic semester, which means it’s time for NOT one, but TWO OF RYAN'S STUDENTS’ IN-STORE SIGNINGS!!!  Here are their respective promotional postcards.

Chiba City Studios Film Screening 12/3/11

10pm to 1am.

Chiba City Studios and the Vault of Midnight present a special screening of "Lights Out" and "In Between". The screening starts at 10:00pm. Please enter through the alley behind the store. Members of the production team will be at the screening. Please join us. The event is *free*.

Here's a little about these dudes.

In 1997, Joe met Dave at Michigan Tech.  They became friends and shared a passion for film and music.  Joe often discussed his desire to make films.  At the time,  the only way to do this was to go to film school.  So, the dream was (temporarily) unobtainable.
Joe and Dave kept in touch after graduating from Michigan Tech.  In 2000, Joe moved to Ann Arbor, MI.  While hanging out at the Vault of Midnight comic book store in 2002, Joe met Jamie and Chris.  Jamie and Chris also shared a passion for film.  Fortunately, Jamie said "I'm a writer" and Chris said "I'm a photographer".  Joe was developing an interest in writing and film editing.  Jamie, Chris and Joe collectively said "We need to make films together".
Not too long after this, Dave also moved to Ann Arbor.  Joe introduced Dave to Jamie and Chris.  Dave expressed an interest in sound design.  He also started taking acting classes.
Finally, after a lot of discussion, the group of friends decided to form a production company.  They developed a first draft screenplay for a feature length film.  This feature length film, called "The Last Haunted House", was going to be their first project.  Thankfully, before one frame of footage was shot, they realized that making a feature film without any practical production experience was a very bad idea indeed.  They quickly rebounded and started developing short films.
Production on their first film, "Lights Out", started in March 2010.

David Barker - Composer, Sound Design, Actor
Christopher Beal - Director of Photography, Writer
Jamie Cleaveland - Writer, Production Designer, Actor
Harlan Cleaveland - Production Assistant
Joseph Rozner - Director, Editor, Writer